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Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy: approaches to diagnosis and treatment

Bax, BE (2020) Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy: approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics, 4. pp. 1-16. ISSN 2578-5281
SGUL Authors: Bax, Bridget Elizabeth

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Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy (MNGIE) is an ultra-rare disease caused by mutations in TYMP, the gene encoding for the enzyme thymidine phosphorylase. The resulting enzyme deficiency leads to a systemic accumulation of thymidine and 2’-deoxyuridine and ultimately mitochondrial failure due to a progressive acquisition of secondary mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations and mtDNA depletion. MNGIE is characterised by gastrointestinal dysmotility, cachexia, peripheral neuropathy, ophthalmoplegia, ptosis and leukoencephalopathy. The disease is progressively degenerative and leads to death at an average age of 37.6 years. Patients invariably encounter misdiagnoses, diagnostic delays, and non-specific clinical management. Despite its rarity, MNGIE has invoked much interest in the development of therapeutic strategies, mainly because it is one of the few mitochondrial disorders where the molecular abnormality is metabolically and physically accessible to manipulation. This review provides a résumé of the current diagnosis and treatment approaches and aims to increase the clinical awareness of MNGIE and thereby facilitate early diagnosis and timely access to treatments, before the development of untreatable and irreversible organ damage.

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Journal or Publication Title: Journal of Translational Genetics and Genomics
ISSN: 2578-5281
6 March 2020Published
27 February 2020Accepted
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