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Subclinical atherosclerosis in Behcet's disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Merashli, M; Ster, IC; Ames, PR (2015) Subclinical atherosclerosis in Behcet's disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism, 45 (4). pp. 502-510. ISSN 1532-866X
SGUL Authors: Chis Ster, Delizia Irina

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OBJECTIVE: To evaluate subclinical atherosclerosis in Behcet disease (BD), we performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies where atherosclerosis was determined by flow-mediated dilatation (FMD) and endothelial-mediated dilatation (EMD) and by measurement of intima media thickness (IMT) of carotid arteries. METHODS: Systematic search of EMBASE and PubMed databases from January 2000 to January 2014 according to PRISMA guidelines. RESULTS: Nine studies met the inclusion criteria on FMD/EMD, 11 on IMT and 4 on both. BD had lower FMD than controls (SMD = -0.89, 95% CI: -0.660 to -1.11, p < 0.001), which was confirmed by subgroup analyses on active and inactive patients (SMD = -1.17, 95% CI: -1.45 to -0.89 and SMD = -0.72, 95% CI: -0.97 to -0.46, p = 0.0001 for both). EMD was lower in BD but with a large estimate (SMD = 0.38, 95% CI: -0.79 to -0.03, p = 0.06, I(2) = 82.2%). IMT was greater in BD and the large estimate (SMD = 0.95, 95% CI: 0.63-1.28, p < 0.0001, I(2) = 87.6%) persisted after subgroup analysis on active and inactive patients (I(2) = 88.4% and 86.7%, respectively). Pooling IMT studies by a Newcastle Ottawa Scale of 5 and 6/7 yielded lower estimates (SMD = 0.54, 95% CI: 0.32-0.75, p < 0.0001, I(2) = 58.7% and SMD = 1.72, 95% CI: 1.35-2.09 p < 0.05, I(2) = 48.6%). CONCLUSIONS: FMD is impaired in BD even in inactive state and IMT is greater despite a degree of statistical heterogeneity that reflects the clinical heterogeneity of BD. Future prospective studies should account for risk stratification of atherosclerosis in BD.

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Keywords: Atherosclerosis, Behcet’s disease, Arthritis & Rheumatology, 1103 Clinical Sciences
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