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Mrf4 (myf6) is dynamically expressed in differentiated zebrafish skeletal muscle

Hinits, Y; Osborn, DP; Carvajal, JJ; Rigby, PW; Hughes, SM (2007) Mrf4 (myf6) is dynamically expressed in differentiated zebrafish skeletal muscle. GENE EXPRESSION PATTERNS, 7 (7). 738 - 745 (8). ISSN 1567-133X
SGUL Authors: Osborn, Daniel Peter Sayer

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Mrf4 (Myf6) is a basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) myogenic regulatory transcription factor (MRF) family which also contains Myod, Myf5 and myogenin. Mrf4 is implicated in commitment of amniote cells to skeletal myogenesis and is also abundantly expressed in many adult muscle fibres. The specific role of Mrf4 is unclear both because mrf4 null mice are viable, suggesting redundancy with other MRFs, and because of genetic interactions at the complex mrf4/myf5 locus. We report the cloning and expression of an mrf4 gene from zebrafish, Danio rerio, which shows conservation of linkage to myf5. Mrf4 mRNA accumulates in a subset of terminally differentiated muscle fibres in parallel with myosin protein in the trunk and fin. Although most, possibly all, trunk muscle expresses mrf4, the level of mRNA is dynamically regulated. No expression is detected in muscle precursor cell populations prior to myosin accumulation. Moreover, mrf4 expression is not detected in head muscles, at least at early stages. As fish mature, mrf4 expression is pronounced in slow muscle fibres.

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Keywords: Amino Acid Sequence, Amnion, Animals, Cardiac Myosins, Gene Expression Regulation, Models, Biological, Molecular Sequence Data, Muscles, Myogenic Regulatory Factor 5, Myogenic Regulatory Factors, Myogenin, Myosin Light Chains, Phylogeny, Sequence Homology, Amino Acid, Tissue Distribution, Zebrafish, Science & Technology, Life Sciences & Biomedicine, Developmental Biology, Genetics & Heredity, DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, GENETICS & HEREDITY, Mrf4, muscle, zebrafish, muscle pioneers, muscle fibre, fin, Myod, myogenin, Mylz2, gene expression, cramofacial, BHLH GENE MRF4, SOMITE FORMATION, SONIC-HEDGEHOG, DANIO-RERIO, FIBER-TYPE, MYOD, MYOGENESIS, EMBRYO, ACTIVATION, MUTATIONS
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Journal or Publication Title: GENE EXPRESSION PATTERNS
ISSN: 1567-133X
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1 August 2007Published
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